RMIT Link  presents FUNKADELIC: A urban, funky dance collective that’s all about:
HIP HOP, POPPING, LOCKING, BREAKDANCING AND FREESTLYING. We’re bringing the community together to show their love for dance and spread dance culture around campus and beyond.

We aim to:

Introduce dance culture
To inspire others to dance
Create an opportunity to meet new people
To offer a learning experience at any skill level
To get fit and boost confidence


So Does Funkadelic Mean?
Funkadelic describes something which is truly fantastic, beyond the realms of normal wonder.

Established in March 2010, starting with four key members, worked hard to spread the word around campus. Kicking off the year 2010, we had our first performance for RMIT LINK Arts and Culture. Which paved a path for more performances for RMIT University, RMIT RUSU and Lounge Bar. We have been requested for photo shoots and music videos from students studying at RMIT. Now in 2011 we have over 100 members.

Funkadelic have been nominated and have won the 2010 ‘New Arts Award” for the best new art collective.

We strive to spread the love by jamming at RMIT’s Bowen Street every week and we invite everyone to join in with the fun!


Get funky,
Funkadelic Committee


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